Top 10 Things Shippers Can Do to Keep Carriers

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Posted on May 22nd 2015 2:58 PM

In commemoration of late night legend David Letterman signing off this week after 33 years, here’s a top 10 list of Things Shippers Should Do for Carriers to ensure capacity and service levels during the driver shortage.

As originally published by CCJ magazine, the list was delivered by Jim Ward, president and CEO of D,M. Bowman, at the Commercial Carrier Journal’s Spring Symposium in Birmingham, Ala.

Drumroll ……

10. Treat drivers with respect. Speak to them respectfully.

9. Provide large, clear signage for dock numbers.

8. Provide a clearly marked shipping dock.

7. Provide a clearly marked entrance to your facility.

6. Provide adequate lighting at your facility.

5. Provide drivers with access to your facilities, particularly the restrooms.

4. Provide a place to park a truck in or near your facility.

3. Have consideration for hours-of-service regulations.

2. Provide cooperation to drivers getting in and out of your facility.

1. Provide quality directions to your facility.



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