Facts & Figures


Truck Driver Population by Province

This shows the growth of the driver population (for-hire and private trucking) from 2006 to 2011. In Ontario, growth has been relatively flat, although the distribution changed slightly in favour of the trucking industry.

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Aging Labour Force & Selected Occupations

Although older than average, the truck driver population is not the only occupation faced with an aging labour force. However, other “like” occupations typically fare better in terms of attracting young workers.

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Employed Truck Drivers – For-hire, Private

The distribution of driver population by trucking sub-industry (general vs. specialized freight) and all other industries. Within the for-hire trucking industry, truck drivers accounted for approximately 65 per cent of the total labour force in the industry.  Total employment in the for-hire industry, including owner-operators, was approximately 278,000.

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Age Cohorts – Truck Drivers & Select Occupations

Truck drivers have aged more quickly than the total labour force.  The average driver age increased 3.7 years between 1996 and 2006, while the average increase was two years across all occupations. Notably, in 1996 a smaller proportion of truck drivers was 65 or older, compared with the labour force in general.

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Immigrant Status – Truck Drivers & Select Occupations

fewer immigrants—about 3 per cent less—have been attracted to working as truck drivers, compared with the total labour force. This is likely because truck driving is not recognized as a skilled occupation. Other occupations such as railway and motor transport labourers—which attract a significantly younger population—and heavy-duty equipment mechanics have significantly lower immigrant shares, at […]

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