Carrier panel sees drop in driver applications

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Posted on March 23rd 2013 8:56 PM

The driver shortage is already intensifying, with the number of both new and experienced driver applicants down over the last couple of months, as economic signs lead to improved optimism about increases in freight and rates this year, according to a panel discussion of three major truckload executives Tuesday at the Truckload Carriers Conference annual convention in Las Vegas.

Driver Applications Dropping

The driver shortage situation “is going to be probably the worst situation we’ve seen,” Fuller said. “If you look at the last year it’s continued to tighten. In the last four weeks, we’ve seen number of applicants drop by 20% to 25%.” Calls to other carriers confirmed similar trends, he said. “We think with housing improving, a number of drivers have left the industry to go into construction.”

Leathers said while Werner hasn’t seen that much of a drop, its applicant count has been down on both new and experienced drivers, at double digit levels, and it started at the end of last year.

As always when discussing the issue of the driver shortage, the issue of pay came up.

“We’ve been a TCA member 35 years,” England pointed out, “And the first convention I went to we had a panel discussion on driver turnover. It has worsened, no question about it, but we have talked for so many years about trying to get more money for our drivers and I think we’ve largely failed.”


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