Alta truckers working on enhanced driver training standard

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Posted on April 17th 2013 5:30 PM

The Alberta Motor Transport Association (AMTA) will begin developing  a minimum commercial driver training standard, including a special licence designation  recognizing drivers who’ve met the new standard.

AMTA executive director Don Wilson says the association plans to present the plan to the province later this year.

“AMTA would like to see the province recognize commercial truck drivers with a special designation on their licence,” said AMTA executive director Don Wilson. “Professional drivers should meet a training standard to attain a professional designation and maintain that designation through continuing education.”

Added AMTA president Dan Duckering: “Professional drivers undergo extensive training that goes well beyond what is required for a provincial licence. Yet at this time there is no recognition for that advanced training or the high-level of skill that professional drivers attain.”

AMTA has put together a stakeholder committee which will help develop the new standard. The committee wont reestablish qualifications for a Class 1 licence, but instead will develop a professional designation for those who transport goods for-hire, the association announced.

“Albertans will benefit from minimum commercial training standards for commercial drivers too,” said Wilson. “Setting a minimum standard will enhance road safety across the board and make driving a more attractive occupation for career seekers. We have targeted the fall to deliver a proposal to the minister. The committee has set out to determine what a minimum standard should consist of, to find a standard acceptable to all stakeholders and to outline what continuing education of commercial drivers will include.”

“As an industry, we know that possessing a Class 1 licence does not make an individual a professional driver ready for employment,” said Wilson.

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